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My name is Anusiah. I was born in a Hindu family. I have one older brother. My parents died by virus fever. I did not have any one to take care of me. My brother stays with my aunty and goes to school. When I was 10 years old, I was brought to the Love and Care children home by my aunty and uncle.
I am happy here. I have all my needs given to me here and I am studying in 11th grade. I have received Jesus as my Savior and am baptized both in water and the Holy Spirit. I wish to thank my sponsors for supporting myself and praying for me.


Formerly my name was Nagapriya, Naga meaningHindu Cobra Goddess, since I was from a Hindu back ground. My fatheris an alcoholic. I have one younger sister. In 1997, a three day gospel crusade wasconducted by Rev. John Arul in our village. While we lived in my village we attendeda Sunday school in the branch church started by Rev. Arul.  During the gospelcrusade, we came to know about the Children’s Home. We were desperate to find a hometo continue our education as our mother was sick and constantly abused by our father;we did not have peace.
We requested Rev. Arul to take us in his Children’s Home. Because of our familyconditions we were accepted into the Home even though we had both of our parents.Unfortunately our mother died of cancer within two months. Our father marriedanother lady and has two children.
In 1997 I accepted Jesus Christ as my personalSaviour when I was 11 years old and my sister was 8 years old. In the same year Iwas baptized with Holy Spirit. In 1999 I was baptized in waterand I changed my name to YesuPriya. In 2003 I finishedmy high school studies with 90% marks. From my childhood I had a passion to doGod‘s ministry. I prayed to Godand asked Him to guide my future. God called me to serve him full time andI gladly accepted His call.
Rev. Arul arranged for my B.Th (Bachelors in Theology) in Trinity BibleCollege. In 2006 I graduated and served one year with my Pastor Arul in theorphanage and church.I was praying to go for higher studies. and by God‘s grace Rev. Arul found a sponsor forme to go to Bangalore to do my M.Div. (Masters in Divinity) with Southern Asia Bible college.  In 2010March I have received my Masters and I am presently serving God full time and do His ministry.
I want thank God and everyone who supported to bring me to the place where I am.My sister has also completed her degree in computer science and is working inChennai.
Glory to God and thanks to Love and Care Home!
C. Prabakaren
I have been with Love and Care since I was three years old. I was at the first home which was at Sasingarwhen there were only 20 children.
My father died from snake bite when I was very young,I have no memory of him. I have one older sister calledKasthuri, my mother brought us both to the home becauseshe was unable to look after us.My mother's name is Rani, she comes to see us once amonth making the 12 hour round trip by bus from Erode.
My parents separated when I was 8 years old. My parents were very poor so we hadn't been to school. My mother worked in a cotton factory and my father worked as a daily wage laborer doing building work. We lived in a one roomed house in Kovilpatti. We were taken by a pastor to an orphanage in Kovilpatti, and when it closed we came to Love and Care Home in Madurai.
Our mother visited us when we were first here but now she no longer comes. My sister,Rajaperumel, helps look after the cows and I keep our dormitory clean. I am currently studying 10th Grade in school and I am the topper of the class.
I came here 5 years ago from my native place,Kanyakumari, which is the most southerly point ofIndia. My mother brought me here because myfather, who is a carpenter, had deserted thefamily and she was unable to feed me.
I have two elder sisters, Mandubala and Jothi,and one younger brother, Vankatesh. I have notseen any of my family since I arrived here. What I enjoy most here is playing kitti (a gamewhere you hit a small stick with a larger one)and I also enjoy studying, especially science.
I have a best friend calledRamu and he is studying 10th grade. He sometimes helps me withmy school work and is like an elder brother.