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In India, we have many homeless people who live in the streets. These people make living begging to passersby in the street. Most of them are mentally challenged and there is no government aid to care for them...
Tsunami Orphans
Soon after the December 2004 tsunami hit south-eastern coast of India with its well known devastation, Pastor John Arul and a team from his church traveled the 5-6 hours journey to Vellankanni to give emergency aid...
Cow Project
This cow projects helps us in supplying the needs of our children. We buy two cows and sell the milk and it supplies to meet the basic necessity of our children in the Home. The proceeds from the sales of milk, which is a with a steady income, will help support the child for 4 or more years. Each cow cost about $800 and total cost of two cows is $1600. This is a good alternative for contributors who don't prefer to give donations on a monthly basis.
Development plans for restructuring slums
Congested streets and alleys with huts on both sides is not an uncommon sight in the slums of India . These huts are fragile and made from mud and stones. These buildings are neither strong enough to endure heavy floods nor safe...
Special Needs Children
In our main home we have a small special needs children unit. There is no state provision for these children, and of course they will require on going care.....