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Taking Care of the Homeless in India
In India, we have many homeless people who live in the streets. These people make living begging to passersby in the street. Most of them are mentally challenged and there is no government aid to care for them. They don't have any shelter or food or even an alternative set of clothes. These people search for their food in the garbage on the road side and sleep on the sidewalk. This is the pathetic situation of the street dwellers in India. They are neglected by society and are called 'unfit to live'. We find such people who we recognize as God's creation and we take care of them. We give them a shower, clothes to wear, food and shelter to live under.

GURUSAMY is one among the many who came to live with us in our Home. Gurusamy was left desolate since his wife died and both his daughters who are married failed to take care of him. He was roaming from city to city abandoned at his old age.  But he is now able to find rest in our Home.

BAJAGRI MURMA who is a north Indian and does not speak the local language was found among the streets of Madurai. He is mentally challenged and has lost all his memory.  After we took him into our care he is getting better and he is now healed in his body and soul. We hope someday he will get cured mentally and get back his memory.

AROKIASAMY lived as a beggar in the streets since his childhood. He had no parents, no family and was unmarried living a lonesome life all his 50 years. After we took him into our Home, he has found peace and an inner joy in his heart.