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From darkness to light
She smiles with faith
Ruben finds a loving home
Saravana and Kavitha
Gokila and Gomathi
Joyce Marie
Heartrending Stories of Some of the Children in Our Care
From darkness to light …  
Losing their mother to an ailment, the young boys, Poopathi Raja and Ranjith Kumar were abandoned on the streets .  A father who had no job only added to their misery. Ranjith, 11 years old, partially blind and Poopathi , 6 years old , deaf and dumb had little choice but to starve on the roads. Rejected and abandoned, these destitute children had once for all lost hope and to them a future only meant more and more pain. But the almighty God miraculously changed the life of these children forever. A kind hearted man brought them to the love and care home. It is quiet a delight to see fear and doubt vanishing from the eyes of these young boys. They now have friends with whom they share their dream to become teachers. 
She smiles with faith …  
With her shining eyes and sparkling smile, you wouldn’t believe, Priya was the girl who refused talk to anyone a few months ago. priya, five years old now ,had lost her father when she was two. Life went on to be even more unfair when she had to see her mother and grandmother torn into pieces by a train.
Shocked and shattered the child was orphaned even before she knew to hold her own spoon.. A thoughtful pastor brought her to our children’s home, where she has recovered from her psychological trauma through counseling and companionship. Now she is in grade one with her new friends and everyday Priya trots happily towards her school.
Ruben finds a loving home...  
Ruben was orphaned when he was less than an  year old. He was brought up by his poor and old grandmother who worked for daily wages. Senility had crippled the old lady and she was left helpless and so was Ruben. Seeking for help and a loving home for Ruben to grow up the old lady knocked the gates of our home. Reuben’s granny is very happy the way Ruben is nurtured and molded into a fine young student. Ruben is 11 years old and doing his 6th Grade. He loves singing and enjoys playing football with his friends.
Kavitha and Saravana...  
Saravana and Kavitha who are 7 and 8 years old were admitted to our home by their mother who works as a daily wager. Ever since her husband's death some years back,  she was unable to provide her children with good education and food. As soon as she heard about the Love and Care Home she brought her Children to seek our help. Now the children are very happy to be here with many children to play along with and they are going to school with a smiling face.
Twin Sisters Gokila and Gomathi  
One of our recent admissions in to our Children's Home is the twin sisters Gokila and Gomathi who are just 2 years old. Their mother narrowly escaped death when her husband tried to murder her in order to marry another woman. This ordeal left her mentally affected. The children were left orphaned in the streets with no one to care for them.  Seeing the suffering of these young children a kind hearted neighbor, who heard about our Children's Home from an acquaintance, brought these children to our main campus in Madurai.  After coming to our Children’s Home the girls are recovering well from their misery and they are mingling well with other children in our home. 
Joyce Marie  
Joyce Marie was brought to our home on the day she was born. Her father died of cancer just 10 days before she was born. The mother of this baby girl already has 3 children to care for with her meager income as a daily wager. She felt she would be unable to look after this child while she works all day to feed her other three children. So she brought the child to our Children's Home to let her girl live a better life.